Monday, 14 December 2009

What I'd like for Christmas is some extra time

Christmas is only a matter of days away now; I am doing my best to feel christmassy. I have bought and wrapped pressies, brought the tree in from the garden and draped it in twinkly bits and made a start on the rest of the house. I have made a list, lost it, made another, lost that and then found the first one again. Every year we have this palavar, I wrack my brains as to what to buy them, track the thing down, wrap it in paper, only to find they already have it or didnt really want it. My own gifts tend to be toiletries I cannot use or a jumper that doesn't fit when, really I am perfectly easy to buy for. I have a wish list on Amazon of books that I cannot justify buying for myself, I always love notebooks and pens, or sketchbooks or things to make my P.C run better. I like gardening so a new trowel or some packets of seeds are always welcome. If there is anyone out there wracking their brain as to what to wrap for me what I really need is more time. Time to work on The Forest Dwellers, to market Peaceweaver or to research. If my children are reading the best way to give me time is to help more effectively with the christmas arrangements; I am not the only one that can wrap, bake, clean, decorate or shop and i would so love and appreciate the help and it wouldnt cost you a penny!
Merry Christmas everyone!!