Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Back and raring to go!

It is a few weeks since I have blogged but don't for one moment think I have been enjoying myself! After recovering from the bad back at Easter I believe I dived too readily into catching up with all that was left undone by my injury and, subsequently run down, succomed to a nasty cold which rapidly detriorated into bronchitis. So, a week in bed and another recovering. Not fun at all. Feeling much better, although still coughing like a hound, I have now resumed the editing and work on the book cover of The Forest Dwellers.

My big news this week is that we welcomed a new member into the family on Friday when we received our first foster placement. She has settled down quickly and is rapidly becoming 'one of us.' I am finding all these new responsibilites are a bit tiring, especially with being so recently ill but I am enjoying it and that is the main thing.

John has read The Forest Dwellers through for the first time and has nothing but enthusiastic praise for it (I know, I know, he is biased). His reaction is very encouraging for I know he is always honest with me and he is very good at spotting errors; he picked up some typo's and small hiccups in continuity that I can now correct before it goes to an editor.

And the sun is here, at last; I can get up in the morning without shrugging into jumpers and socks. The Rayburn can stay off and salad is on the menu more frequently. The birds are making a racket in the mornings and the sun is blinding me through the windows and I will soon be complaining of being too hot. Isnt the sunshine just lovely?

We are lucky enough to have owls nesting in our garden and the young are so funny. They don't stay in the nest but clamber about in the branches, a bit like parrots do, I even found one on the lawn on a couple of occasions and had to replace him in the tree for fear of predators. I have boought a new camera and hope to get out there and take some photographs when it arrives. Fingers crossed they dont fledge before then.

It is all happening here, we have four birthdays in the next three weeks so it will be barbeques and chocolate cake all the way. And, most astonishingly, I realised that in February my mum and dad will have been married for SEVENTY YEARS! Good Lord, is that humanly possible?