Monday, 5 October 2009

First contact

I'm told that I need to blog, so here I am, blogging. What to blog about, I don't know; I suppose I should begin with an introduction.
Most of my time is spent at my PC, writing fabulous novels. I live with my husband and several of my grown up children, on a smallholding in West Wales. Now, the family have grown up I can devote my time to writing. As a child I wrote poems and stories, as a teenager I dreamed up torrid romances and now, as an adult, I write Historical novels.
After studying English literature and History at university of Wales, Lampeter I realised how Anglo Saxon and medieval women have been omitted from the historical record; even women whose influence has been considerable. It is these wronged women that appear in my novels, whether they be wives and mothers, nuns or prostitutes, queens or commoners.

Peaceweaver is the story of Eadgyth Aelfgarsdottir, the queen of both Gruffydd ap Llewellyn of Wales and Harold II of England. She tells a tale of war and passion and provides a voice for women tossed in the tumultous sea of feuding Anglo Saxon Britain.
This blog will relate the tale of my journey from an unknown into a published author.

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