Thursday, 28 January 2010

The room where I write

This room is very nice, sometimes I don't want to leave it all day. I have all my favourite things around me, my pc of course, my books, telephone, paper, printer, pens, notebooks - all within arms reach. There is a coaster for my coffee and an empty cereal bowl that I haven't bothered to put in the sink yet. Across the other side of the room I have two goldfish, Dasher and Dancer; the filter bubbles away and when the sun shines into the room, fish shadows float across the opposite wall the size of sharks. I love it when the sun shines.
Hanging from the ceiling beams are jugs and things that I collect and my china cabinet is stuffed with curios and treasures. There is a chair for guests, my husbands sits in it every morning before he goes to work. I barely use the other rooms; I might dash into the kitchen to make a sandwich and I spend ten minutes or so in the shower each day and eight hours a night in bed.
My desk is massive, it needs to be really for I am not tidy with all the books I use and scraps of paper I make notes on. The desk surrounds me on three sides. I manage to keep one top relatively clear so that I can work but, every so often, I have to force myself to have a tidy up. Above the desk, covering two walls are my bookshelves, laden with marvellous volumes, history books, novels, poetry and art books. They are the best of all my possessions -especially those I wrote myself!!
Of all the rooms of the house, this is the one I feel most at ease in. From the window I can see that the garden is in desperate need of a tidy up, the summer hosue has algae growing on the windows and roof. The fields run down to the line of trees that mark the boundary of our small holding and, on a good day, I can see the summit of Llanwni mountain in the distance. There are birds of all discription,squirrels stealing the bird feeders, rabbits defying my dogs and making holes in the lawn. i see it in all seasons, summer, spring, autumn and last week, while the snow lay thick, I sat here next to the radiator and looked at it all and was so be glad to be inside.

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