Monday, 8 March 2010


I am having to squint to see the keyboard because the early sun is blasting its way through the window and straight into my eyes. Am I complaining? of course not. It is so long since we have seen it, I will not start to moan about it until midsummer at least. of course, there are drawbacks to sunshine. It shows up all the dust and cobwebs for one thing so that I am forced to either go outside or pick up a duster. The former wins of course, so the weekend has seen a great improvement in the tidiness of the barn and the potting shed. I am not going to delve into the irony of avoiding housework in favour of cleaning out a barn. It had to be done and yesterday was a good day to do it.
Part of me, the novelist part, loves those dank rainy days when you can't possibly be expected to walk the dogs or mow the lawn. The best way to spend such a day is to sit at the keyboard, and melt into another world, full of people who will do your bidding. It is a little like being God, I can make them as nice or nasty as I please. fill their lives with tragedy or triumph. Icome away happier with my own life that runs so uneventfully; nobody is going to decapitate me (she says looking anxiously behind for the axe man).
The vast majoirty of my novels are completed during the winter (or an especially rainy welsh summer) when I can ignore the outside chores and dedicate myself to my real love. This year, I am sure, will be a hot summer (we are due one). It may be so hot that I am forced to abandoned the chores and spend the long days reclined on my hammock with my laptop, inventing marvellous new ways to torture my characters.

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