Thursday, 1 April 2010

A traditional British complaint about the weather at Easter

As I type this it is snowing, not a few little flurries that you can pretend you haven't noticed but great flakes of madly swirling white stuff; a blizzard, as if we haven't suffered enough.

I remember Easters spent in the garden, reclaiming the flower beds from the rigours of winter, swigging bottles of chilled beer in an effort to keep cool while the barbeque slowly warmed up on the patio. Easter egg hunts with the children crying because the dog, Toby, was better at finding them than they; picnics, trips to the zoo, even to the beach. O.K there were a few here and there that were rained off, it wasn't always perfect but this Easter takes the proverbial biscuit.

The question is what does one do for four days of Easter holiday when the weather is inclement? At one time we could rely on the springtime to provide at least one bright, hopefully not too damp, day in which to enjoy ourselves. But, no, this year it will be snow, too much chocolate and second rate television; you could almost think it is Christmas!

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