Monday, 2 November 2009

Learning curve

This week I had the confirmation that Peacweaver will be published by Christmas. I am excited and terrified all at once. Although I have always written, the last few years have been a steep learning curve. I have learned to rein myself in, cut out alot of the frilly bits and emerge myself in the character rather than use my novels as a canvas for my poetic tendencies. When I re-read my first two attempts at full length novels I can see how sadly lacking they are. I was too heavily influenced by classic novelists who, as great as they are, are now outdated. I think now I have learned to let my 'self ' colour the page and write instinctively rather than consciously trying to be something I am not. Now, with Peaceweaver ready to hit the presses, I find I have to learn a whole new skill. I have to market the flipping thing!

I am a writer not a business woman and have not the slightest confidence that I can promote my book properly. My inclination is to say, 'Well, I've written this book, you probably won't like it but it would be nice if you'd read it.' That won't work will it? So I have to practice extreme confidence and convince the world that my novels are worth reading. I will be shortly running a competition on Face book -Peaceweaver by Judith Arnopp- when I have a hundred members I will post a question and the winner will receive a signed copy of Peaceweaver. I hope to see you all there. you can reach the page by clicking the facebook tab on the top left of the page ... I think.

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