Thursday, 26 November 2009

Letting Go.

Do you remember the first day you took your child to school? you dressed him in his new uniform, tied his tie for him, made sure he had his plimsoles in his slipper bag. Then you held his hand all the way to the classroom, helped him find the coat peg with his name beneath it. And then you left him and went home alone, painfully aware that you had launched your boy into the wicked world and it was up to him whether he sank of swam? Do you recall your grief at the lost babyhood?

that is how i feel about Peaceweaver. Up until now it has been mine to play with, i could add/subtract commas, delete paragraphs, change the title but now it is mine no longer. it is out there alone in a world of unkind critics. i dont know if it will sink without a trace or bounce triumphantly to the bestseller lists.

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