Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Looking forward to the next half century

I turned fifty last week. It seems I should be worried. People keep assuring me, 'It will be fine, it isnt as bad as you think' even though I havent expressed any concerns. The truth is I am really not bothered at all! It is just another year, I am not noticeably older than I was last week and life (dare i say it?) is great just now. After all I lost the best of my looks a few years back and I have become accustomed to the extra warmth around my hips so no worries on that score. And as for wrinkles, well, they are trophies of a life well spent and if more women believed that, the happier they would be.
I am looking forward to being taken seriously as a person and an author, to writing more books and having the freedom from family responsibility to enjoy myself. It is nice that men look at my face when they speak to me these days instead of staring at my breasts; I look forward to more of that. I am looking forward to more grandchildren, to being a cantankerous old woman and making those outrageously rude comments that only old women seem to get away with. I am looking forward to my old fella in his rocking chair on the other side of the fireplace, seeing our teeth smile at eachother from the glass on the bathroom shelf each night. Most of all I am looking forward to falling asleep in his arms for another forty years or so.


  1. Well, you kept the fifty bit quiet!! I would never have said that.

    See you on Friday and we will need a few birthday drinks to celebrate.

  2. Sorry,I didn't realize it was your 50th birthday either! it really isn't as bad as you think is it? (from one who knows!) I had forgotten I was a year older than you, but then I forget quite a lot of things these days... Just wanted you to know that now that it is half term, I have more time to read and am really enjoying Peaceweaver - I will let you know when I have finished. X