Monday, 22 February 2010

Fishguard, Fish and New Friends

I've just got back from a few days at a writer's holiday in Fishguard. The hotel was lovely (if a little too hot for me) and the food marvellous. As a very fussy demi-vegetarian who doesn't like spicy food, I ate a lot of fish, all of which was brilliantly prepared and deliciously tasty.
The workshops were interesting, six in all, but the best thing about the weekend was meeting some lovely new people.
It is so nice to talk to other writers, people whose eyes don't glaze over when you mention your novel, who understand the demands of a tricky protagonist and know a horribly constructed sentence when they see one. (Rather like the one I have just written). Often, I have trouble bonding with women, not being one for hairdo's and handbags, but the women I met at the weekend were a different breed; they were interesting! Of course, we all had tidy hair and carried handbags but nothing elaborate and our bags were just tools to keep our writer's articles from going astray. Katy Price and the Beckhams were only mentioned with derision and, as a consquence, the conversation was witty, funny and clever. I am looking forward to meeting them all again.
The writer's and artist's weekend is perfect for writers, whether they are just starting out or have been writing for years.


  1. Hi Judith! It was lovely to meet you too at Fishguard. I am so enjoying your book - and I wish I'ld had a chance to talk to you some more! Caroline x

  2. i know, there didnt seem to be enough time did there? you can email me. i will swat up on the anglo saxons :D glad you are enjoying peaceweaver. did you get home all fired up to get on with your own book?
    Judith x

  3. It was such a great weekend and like you I can't wait to go next year.
    I'm enjoying Peaceweaver very much Judith, in fact, I'm not able to put it down and go to sleep!!

  4. Sorry about the lack of sleep, Rachael, you need all you can get with your early morning start!