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I am very pleased to welcome Angela White onto my blog today. Thank you for agreeing to appear as my guest Angela.

Scenes of the Apocalypse#1 - Horrible Struggles for Survival

If no one died, or had to fight to live, it wouldn't be called the Apocalypse. The horrible struggles for survival will happen in every town, big and small, across the world. Even isolated lands will be affected. In heavily populated cities, authority will be overrun and the citizens left to fend for themselves.

During an Apocalypse event, governments will declare Martial Law and depending on the severity, may even reinstate the Draft. Households will be stripped of their men and boys and women will be left defenseless against the hard new world. Such cruelty will result in awful battles for survival and more dead on the streets.

In the aftermath, everyone's previous career will be a highly talked about topic. For those who were military, government or one of the few valued enough to have earned a pass to NORAD, the battles for survival will be harder. Refugees will not be kind to anyone they think is even remotely responsible and most people will lie rather than face the punishment the post-apocalyptic survivors will want to hand out.

Some of the battles will be life changing, such as the one mentioned in the excerpt below. In this scene, Samantha has finally found a refugee camp full of normal survivors, but the hell she had been through has already taken its toll and she's afraid to trust.

'Seven very gifted survivors are destined to rebuild their country after a nuclear apocalypse ...if they can stay alive long enough to find each othere. Impossible to put down' - The Review Blog

Samantha studied his earnest expression. 'I don't talk about it because I don't think I'd be welcome if people knew.'
'I'm not everyone and I'm guessing Adrian already knows. You can trust me. I'd never judge you.'
Same allowed herself to hope. 'I worked for the government before.'
Neil's scowl spread across his face. 'The government?'
'Weather tracking?'
'Seattle EPA.'
His eyes widened in understanding. 'You had a pass.'
Her haunted voice reminded him of Angela's as she confirmed it. 'The chopper crashed, got hit by an EMP, I think. It went down in Northern Wyoming. I was the only survivor.'
Neil's mind raced. 'You made it to the compound?'
Her voice was bitter. 'I didn't get the chance for a while. I had to get away from two painters first. They found the crash site. No one else ever came.'
Neil forced himself to ask. 'How long were you with them?'
'Two weeks.'
Her tense body language said that was the moment in time where she'd needed protection and Neil felt something inside shift. He would have fought for her life the same way he had his father's.
'Then I went to NORAD.'
Neil mirrored her sadness for the once great American icon, but in those blue depths lurked a knowledge of life and death that told the trooper she'd had problems there too.'


Full of realistic and fantasy situations, the Life After War Series is a combination of more than seven genres, so there's a good chance of everyone liking it and learning a few things about survival at the same time. You can get a free copy at the link below, of the first book in the series. It's free for all of this year to celebrate the possible end of the world on 12/21/2012.

By the way, a huge thanks to Judith for hosting me on my Scenes of the Apocalypse release tour. Have you read The Song of Heledd yet? I just downloaded a copy to my kindle. Gonna have a great summer of reading by the time I gather up all these new books!

Adrian's Eagles Three months after the war of 2012, Safe Haven refugee camp has made it to South Dakota and now holds six of the seven special survivors meant to lead the rebuilding of the country - butit cant be done until they find a safe place to settle ...and who can think of peace when there's a huge camp of foreign invaders less than a day behind their group and they only want one thing? Safe Haven and everyone inside the light.

More information about Angela and her books can be found below.

Adrian's Eagles
Angela's webpage  Free - The survivors - The bestselling novel that stared it all.


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