Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Star fell from Orion

Lampeter Writer’s Workshop was founded in 1984 and is now one of the most successful writers groups in Wales. It has encouraged and promoted several authors who have won international prizes and published a number of collections.
The workshop is chaired by the internationally renowned writer and National Poet for Wales, Gillian Clarke.  The group have recently published an anthology of poetry and prose called A Star fell from Orion which reads like a merging of souls. Since the poems describe themselves far better than I could, a few samples are included below.

 Hyperbole Among the Swedes
Charlotte Symons

Write a poem, you said,
preferably featuring a vegetable.
I stare at the page, try to dredge
sparkling simile, dramatic metaphor,
from the fruit and veg aisle of the local supermarket.
Yet, where there should be dark-skinned aubergines,
smooth, and shining as sin,
sceptred artichokes the size of a babies head,
or two-hued cauliflowers, snowy craniums enfolded,
I find only potatoes, cellophaned spinach
and mushrooms in cling-wrapped boxes.
Time’s up, you say, and I have
nothing – only these words, dug
fresh as young carrots from dark loam.

Pas de Deux
Carole Powell

 I catch you in my throat
in the tumble of the castle walls
the elegance of leaves
the trees’ half century of lean

your presence beating ever
in the swan’s slow move
above the curve of river.

(for Jan)
Sue Moules

And what is life
but to look up and see the sky,
marvel still at its intensity.
Moments that will never come again,
time catches the kite tails
of our children soaring in the blue.

We have settled into the silt,
but they have life to fly,
break through the susurration
of leaves, tangle in trees.

They ghost the future for possibilities,
look up at the sky, still sharp and blue.
We are amazed at the adults they are;
still see the children they once were.

Love Potion
Brenda Old

You gave me a glass
the trace of your fingers
warm to my touch.
As you poured
the wine slipped
towards the rim.
I sipped
left an imprint
of my lips.
You took back the glass
placed yours
Where mine had been.

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